Fuel – Installation in vehicles with analog or digital flotter

Real-time monitoring of vehicle fuel levels so that you can monitor and take control of the actual fuel consumption for every vehicle. Also avoid fuel theft or paying inflated prices at the pump

Cyprus gps Fleet vehicle fuel

Showing the real-time status of all vehicles moving on one screen (vehicle – driver- date and last display time – position – last stop -speed and fuel level.

Cyprus gps Fleet car fuel

Fuel Theft Report

Cyprus gps Fleet fuel theft

Full fuel fills report (date, time, liters, kilometers from the previous filling, average consumption) per vehicle, per group of vehicles or all vehicles per filling or together for all fillings and the number of fillings for a specific period.

Cyprus gps Fleet full fuel report

Dynamic graphs of fuel consumption display, depending on the engine status (on-off) in conjunction with the geographical location.

Cyprus gps Fleet fuel graph report

Cyprus gps Fleet fuel graph

Report routes with all the details (starting address, destination address, distance traveled, travel time, waiting time, average speed, maximum speed, fuel consumption) in monthly and daily reports.

Cyprus gps Fleet Report routes

Consolidated reports of all vehicles simultaneously for any time period (monthly, daily or per route) with total distance, driving time, average speed, maximum speed and fuel consumption.

Cyprus gps Fleet

Real time notification via SMS or email containing a link to the position of the vehicle or by an “online” report:
• In the case of a sharp fuel reduction (theft)
• When the vehicle is been re fueled
• When the fuel level is low

Cyprus gps Fleet Real time notification via SMS

Ability of various configurations of fuel sensor.

Based on 3000-3500 km / month / vehicle, average fuel consumption of 11 liters / 100km and average Fuel price $1.50 / liter you have
– A Profit of $1,500.00 per year for each of your vehicles


Cyprus gps Fleet Real time notification via email