A sophisticated and easy to-install solution for tracking driver quality and driver safety

Driver behaviour is a sophisticated and easy to-install solution for tracking driver quality and driver safety. The SMARTNAVs’ telematics device contains a built-in list of 18 pre-set manoeuvring parameters for each vehicle type, such as:

Reckless driving - accidents - quick lane change - sudden braking - off-road driving - and other types of dangerous manoeuvres.

Manoeuvred alerts are scanned and transmitted immediately to the server, allowing alerts while protecting telecommunication data. Along with transmitting alerts to the server, it alerts the driver himself using a LED and a buzzer that is installed on the vehicle. The results are exported by ranking drivers from red to green.

In the event of an accident, the eSafe device records 75 seconds (50 before and 25 after the accident) at intervals of 10 milliseconds to provide the maximum number of data for analysis after an accident.


-Driving responsibly with driver training is encouraged based on the actual recorded events

-The driver's safety is increased.

- Reduced maintenance costs and operating costs of the car fleet

Basic features:

  • 3 levels of manoeuvre recognition: Normal, Aggressive, Dangerous
  • Automatic transmission.
  • External visual and audible alert system
  • Optical LED notification system that stores data from the last 3 routes.
  • Shake-alarm reports Full scale
  • Black-box mode: Accident detection (+/- 8G), Save all manoeuvres and events before and after the accident (pre-programmed, up to 75 seconds), Save events every 10 m / sec.
  • Stable transmission of all data to the server
  • Completely report of all manoeuvres and alerts